Peer Reviewed Publications

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Presentations/ Abstracts

Johnston JC “Preventing the Next Fragility introduction to a Fracture Liaison Service Model that works well in Maine“. Presented at Maine Orthopedic Society Winter Meeting 2/27/16 Sugarloaf Ski Resort

Johnston JC and Calkins S: “Preventing Fractures in patients over 50”…An introduction to two innovative and complementary Osteoporosis management programs currently in use at MaineGeneral. Presented at MaineGeneral Grand Rounds 1/14/2016, Augusta, Maine.

Stevens KN and Johnston JC, “Osteoporotic Hip Fractures in Maine: the Oldest State in the Country: A Retrospective Study of 374 Hip Fractures Treated from 2011-2013, with Two-Year Outcome Data on 98 Patients, Presented at National Osteoporosis Foundation Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis 2015 (ISO15) 5/21/15, Poster and Podium Presentation, Washington DC.

Stevens KN and Johnston JC “A Descriptive Study of Hip Fractures at MaineGeneral Medical Center, 2011-2013” Presented at Maine Orthopedic Society Winter Meeting 3/9/15 Sugarloaf Ski Resort

Johnston JC, Haile A, Wang D, Jones LC. Dexamethasone Treatment of Adipocytes Derived from a Mesenchymal Stem Cell Line Alters mRNA and Protein Expression of Key Adipokines in a Model of Glucocorticoid-Associated Osteonecrosis and Osteoporosis. Poster Presented at Annual Meeting of Orthopaedic Research Society. Long Beach, CA February 2011.

Johnston JC, Reid K ,Osgood G. Femoral Neck Fracture in Young Patient: Is time to reduction or quality of reduction more important in preventing osteonecrosis?: A case report and literature review. Poster Presented at AO North America Challenges in Fracture Care Across Disciplines meeting, Phoenix, AZ, November 2010.

Papp D, Johnston JC, Weber K, McCarthy E, Frassica F. Scientific Exhibit No. SE87, Immersion Education for Orthopaedic Pathology: An OITE/ABOS Review. Presented at Annual Meeting AAOS, New Orleans, LA, February 2010.

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Talbott JA, Blake M, Bonner A, Cohen M, Cook L, Cook T, Faber S, Friedlander A, Johnston JC, Lazusky H, Lenhart A, Proctor C, Radano MC, Retener N, Segal A, Schreiber J, Tillipman H: Professionalism: The power of student action: How a student advisory committee changed the world. Poster presented at the American Association of Medical Colleges, Boston, MA, November 5-10, 2004.

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Departmental Publications

Frassica FJ (Editor), Papp D, Mesfin A, Farjoodi P, Johnston J (Assistant Editors) "2009 and 2010 Edition of James F. Wenz M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery Resident survival guide" Available at

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  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)
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